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About us

Learning aided by the use of the Internet is one of the simpliest and most efficient ways of learning, also used in the language learning., an interactive learning platform helps to acquire the basics of the Polish language - the second after Russian biggest Slavonic language. And this can happen online, effectively, and for free. The platform has been created especially for those foreigners who wish to start to speak Polish and learn more about Poland - a country boasting rich European history and culture. The platform includes basic information about the life in Poland, Polish traditions, and the language used in everyday communication. Materials made available on polski-info allow to learn to communicate in Polish, help to understand the Poles and their lives, and may even boost the user's chances on the job market. was created thanks to the Erasmus+ programme support. The platform includes multimedia materials, interactive and motivating activities and texts for reading. The discussion forum enables learner communication and practical use of the language.


Six partners from six countries:

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