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How long will it take to complete till A1?

di newpole, 16 dicembre 2020

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newpole (Mostra il profilo)
16 dicembre 2020 09:39:31
How long on an average will a user take to complete 22 lessons to reach A1? Will 60 to 70 hours be enough?

How long will an average Polish learner take to do both A0 and A1 on this platform? Will 100 to 120 hours be enough?

Or will it take more than 150 hours of work?


irynainozemnamova (Mostra il profilo)
08 luglio 2021 11:20:50
I recommend these courses, where you will reach the level of B1 (80 hours) in 5 months, and you will receive the previous levels as a gift.
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